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Our doctor is among the best in the industry. Their extensive education and commitment to quality care is a combination that leads to successful treatment and award winning smiles.
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"First of all, I can’t say enough great things about Sterling Orthodontics. Everyone there is so welcoming and friendly, definitely makes you feel at home and comfortable. Dr. Bridget and her staff changed my life. I was always so self conscious of my smile and crowded teeth. The second I stepped into that office I knew my problems were over. The excitement took over once Invisalign was decided upon and especially after being shown how my smile was going to drastically change on the television screen. One of the best decisions I made! I’m forever grateful for Dr. Bridgette and her staff!"
"I love my new smile and feel like a new person. Sterling Orthodontics treats me like family and helps me every step of the way. Dr. Bridget and the entire staff at Sterling Orthodontics coordinated with my oral surgeon to answer all of my questions.  Dr. Bridget communicated with my surgeon on my behalf so that I was always comfortable and aware of what was coming next in my treatment plan."
"I have thoroughly enjoyed the care my family receives each and every time we come in. Right away I felt comfortable due to the friendly atmosphere. On the first consultation, there was no pressure to choose Sterling Ortho. There was no need to shop any further after seeing the way the office was set up and having the care plan explained so thoroughly. The office layout is open, refreshing, and modern, making you feel relaxed."
"Sterling Orthodontics has given me a smile to be proud of! I used to be so embarrassed about my smile. Now, I can smile naturally without being self-conscious! And that, I can't thank them enough for. The staff here has been so kind and they truly want the same for you, as you do-- a healthy and beautiful smile! "
"Our experience at Sterling Orthodontics was completely positive. Both of our girls had begun treatment with Dr. Litt before he retired, and he sent us to Sterling. They were accommodating with appointments, considering our hour drive and the girls' school schedules. They were all always kind and happy to see us - including our parents who sometimes brought the girls. Our girls have beautiful smiles and we are thankful for the positive experience. "
"My experience with Dr. Bridget has always been incomparable. Ever since I started going at an early age, I felt welcomed and surrounded in a comfortable environment, by the friendliest staff. It is obvious that this amazing group of people has always cared about my experience at each interaction. In recent years, they have thoughtfully planned events to showcase their customer appreciation. In fact they even have a point system, where you can redeem rewards after visits. Overall, I am so happy with this office both my sister and I attend. "
"At my very first appointment, I felt at home with the staff. The most meaningful part of my consultation was that I felt no pressure to begin treatment: Dr. Bridget said I had beautiful teeth and that I would be perfectly fine to do nothing at all except obtain a nightly bite guard to prevent further problems. I selected Invisalign and I have been so pleased with the progress. I have recommended Sterling Orthodontics to my closest friends and colleagues and would do so every time! "
"Dr.Bridget is the most professional, kind, and fun Doctor I have worked with. At Sterling Orthodontics you definitely feel like family, and they will treat you as such ! My experience was fantastic, and whenever I can, I recommend them whole heartedly."
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Invisalign Patient
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Surgical Patient
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Orthodontic Patient
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Haley Watson
Braces Patient
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Tonya Powers
Braces Parent
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Ashley Horne
Orthodontic Patient
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Kathryn Amejka
Invisalign Patient
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David Malek
Orthodontic Patient
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Contest & Events

While you are receiving treatment, we want you to have fun. We proudly host contests and games throughout the year to add something special to your visit. Our Sterling Star Rewards program allows you to earn points for following your treatment plan, which can be used to purchase gift cards and prizes from our Rewards board. We take your orthodontic treatment seriously, but we think that you deserve to have some fun along the way. To learn more, check out the links below:
Sterling Star Club
Rewards Program
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Community Heroes

We proudly offer discounts to all of the heroes in our community. We appreciate those who serve others and who strive to make our community a great place to live and work. Thank you for all that you do; now let us give back to you.

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