What Sets Us Apart

You can expect a unique combination of art, science, and experience when you come to Sterling Orthodontics. Our aim is to treat our patients so well personally and technically that you will feel comfortable recommending us to your friends and family. Our office is equipped with advanced technology and is compliant with strict sterilization guidelines for our patients’ protection.

During your first examination visit, your orthodontist will assess the general condition of your teeth, gums, the jaws, and throat, and determine the type of malocclusion present. Any X-rays available from your dentist also will be reviewed.

Your orthodontist will then be able to tell if treatment is advisable or not. If treatment is recommended, you will be advised of the need for special X-rays, impressions, and pictures (orthodontic records) to diagnose and plan the best treatment approach, how long it will take, what kind of appliances or braces will be used, what schedule of appointments will probably be required, and the cost of the treatment. If you have dental insurance, please bring all the information with you so we can provide you with information regarding your benefits.

We look forward to helping you start your journey to a new, beautiful smile!