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Your choice to achieve a beautiful smile.

We happily offer our patients In-Ovation System braces.

In-Ovation is an innovative and technically advanced system that can give you the gorgeous smile you have always wanted at a quicker rate than traditional braces without the use of ties or elastics. In-Ovation uses light, gentle forces, to straighten your teeth in no time!

traditional braces

Traditional Braces
Elastics and ties used in older braces to put pressure and friction on teeth which slows treatment and leads to discomfort.

in-ovation braces

With the In-Ovation R system, teeth are free to move more quickly, easily, and comfortably without the pressure and friction caused by elastics and ties.

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A beautiful smile is fast and easy!

In-Ovation grants you amazing results faster, cutting down your treatment time by months when compared with other braces.

With In-Ovation, you can have:

  • Faster results
  • Shorter appointments
  • Fewer office visits
  • Greater comfort
  • Improved facial proportion and appearance

Attractive Advantages For You

In-Ovation comes in three styles that all look great and are super comfortable to wear. Ask your doctor which In-Ovation bracket best fits your individual needs and overall style.

  • In-Ovation® R is smaller and offers a lower profile than other self-ligating brackets. There are no elastic or metal ties that will lead to less irritation, less plaque build-up, and less difficulty keeping your teeth clean.
  • In-Ovation® C is a translucent ceramic bracket that offers the fast and comfortable treatment without alerting anyone that you are even in treatment.
  • MTM® No•Trace offers a superb alternative to tray aligners for patients who require minor adjustments (6mm of movement or less). This style is completely invisible, MTM self-ligating “quick clips” can work within a few short months to give you the perfectly straight smile you have always wanted.

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