About Orthodontics

About Orthodontics

Most people, decide to visit an orthodontist because they want to improve their smiles. Orthodontics can give you the smile, confidence you always dreamed of with the added benefit of improved oral health.

How Orthodontic Treatment Works

Orthodontics uses appliances made of metal, ceramic, or plastic. Appliances can be completely removable or they can be brackets permanently bonded to the teeth. Appliances work by placing a constant, gentle force in a carefully controlled direction to slowly move teeth to their desired position.

Today, there are more options in appliances than ever before. You can choose clear or metal brackets. The discomfort with the clear trays are less noticeable, and the latest materials are designed to move teeth faster with more comfort. Today, no matter what your age is, you can straighten your teeth with comfort and effective results!

Duration of Treatment

Treatment time varies depending on the individual patient. An important factor in a successful treatment is your time and commitment to that new and improved smile! The more involved and diligent you are, the more efficient your treatment will be. For children, receiving interceptive or early treatment will also help reduce overall treatment time.